Time Machine


Time Machine’s collection of 15 artworks is a one-man exhibit by Benedicto Modesto. It opened on October 30 and runs for one month. A collection of visual metaphors and arresting images, these mirror not only the artist’s creative imaginings and personal journey. These are also reflections on one of the most challenging periods in our lifetime.

More than the common idea of traveling in the past or future, this artist’s Time Machine captures varied representations of time. Time as experienced during this global pandemic. And the attempt of the mind to cope with the dread — to hope, to love, and divert to fond memories kept.

The oldest work in the collection, Under the Pink Rainbow, interprets the “surreal world of false calmness in the new normal”. Modesto further expounds on his view on the effects on the psyche of the pandemic with his Red Wall series. Touching on subjects like home confinement. While on the extreme, the impossible scenario for some sectors of the society to comply and survive restrictions.


Yet, the artist has also chosen to see hope in the irony of the pandemic in The Botanist. The collection continues to give us reasons to persevere against the dread. It let us glimpse at the beauty of the passage of time in Tagpuan (The Meeting Place), feel the promise of eternity in To the Moon and Back, and remember fondly a moment of escape in My Tropical Romance.

There are more interpretations of the Time Machine in the exhibit, all 15 pieces of artwork waiting to be seen, admired, and understood. Find the one piece that resonates with you.

Supported by the art gallery, Artworx Philippines, Time Machine is a collection of fine art prints with limited copies per artwork.


Benedicto Modesto started his career in art early, proving his mettle in traditional painting by winning several national art awards at the onset of his career. His interest in digital art started with his stint as an industry partner-consultant in one of the colleges in Metro Manila to develop a multimedia program in early 2000. He has also since created a multimedia services outfit and eventually dedicated his full time to arts.

The artist’s immersion into digital art came in varied forms but he always remained true to his creative calling of visualizing interests, concepts, and philosophies he deeply values, may it be as vast as Time or as specific as a Late Night Unwind.

Late Night Unwind
One of the still life pieces in the collection, it denotes a relaxed evening recap between friends. This piece highlights the artist’s style of linear two-dimension illustrations in contrast with the three-dimensional execution of the hands and bottle. Inspect it a little closer to find streaks of Fauvist influence.