The Pursuit of Understanding the Abstract

The pursuit to create an abstract concept for an actual material is an attempt to capture the beauty of a moment not entirely related to the human consciousness, which dictates, and is also being dictated in return, by our physical existence. The output resulting from the creative pursuit is an instance that is in exact parallel with feelings and emotions as opposed to logic.

The common tendency among creative people working on a particular piece is to convey a message to their audience. This demands the use of logic in order to bridge minds and establish common understanding. The result would be the abondonement of elements that are unfamiliar with the audience, thus resulting in the abondonement of using the abstract.

Logic resides within our normal consciousness. The same consciousness that is entirely dependent on the limited and well defined outline of the physical world. It is bound by time and is locked within a particular time frame. It is identified as a mere action you commit on a particular moment in time.

A more sophisticated attempt is constantly at work to gain a higher state of mind to be able to identify and define a particular moment in time without being dependent on what the eyes capture; an activity that elevates one’s mind above and beyond an action within the given moment. This so called attempt can push the boundaries beyond the limitation of what is physical, and therefore surpasses logic. An individual will still be dictated by his consciousness during a particular attempt but can already experience dilemma in terms of reactions and judgement congruent with reality, since the experience is already not a predominant product of the consciousness.

This attempt is being exercised and expressed through various mediums. It has the ability to quantify a moment via feelings and emotions but are still being digested uniquely by each individual due to the influence of different experiences that define individual consciousness.