The Medium and the Art of Benedicto Modesto

Although schooled in the foundation of traditional painting, from which he has won artistic recognition in the past, on closer inspection of the artist’s collection of works, two pieces are distinct from the rest based on a certain execution applied.

In the case of the “The Plastic Islander” the ocean, in the form of plastic bottles, was rendered using 3D technology. This was later added to form part of the artwork in which all other details were executed in digital painting.

Another piece, the “Refurbished Dream” has its tree also rendered in 3D. It stands in contrast to the boy and the dog painted digitally.

These two artworks are the first few pieces among his collections on which the artist applied a technique categorized as digital mixed media. A testament to the artist’s versatility in using a broad type of digital tools for his art as what a digital art master should.

Pacific Islander by Benedicto Modesto

The technical aspect of manipulating 3D software is already a surmounting challenge that not many artists can conquer. Yet on the other hand, the life-like strokes on the dog’s features and the boy’s face in “Refurbished Dreams” are proof of this artist’s solid foundation in the fundamentals of illustration and anatomy. A talent of which he can confidently execute should he so chooses and a claim that rings true inspecting the other pieces of his collection. His effort therefore, of using digital mixed media in creating his masterpieces can only be accounted for the artist’s commitment to his unwavering pursuit of creative maturity.

REFURBISHED DREAM with enlarged details MAY 20, 2021

An innovator by heart, his pieces also strongly show adherence to the values of old-school artistic work that which weigh-in symmetry, balance, and depth albeit de-constructed to create his unique style on a modern medium.

In the end, BENEDICTO MODESTO harnesses the best from any medium that he has at hand and integrates this for a creation that wields that which is beautiful on many levels.

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